El Teatro de los Miedos

The Theatre of Fear (El Teatro de los Miedos) is a collaboration between artist Fiorella Lavado and performer artist Lucia Vivanco. It explores fear in all its forms, using music, performance and installation.

Darkness. My skin feels cold, one thousand needles into my skull, down my spine. Intermittent.
The low humming buzz. I feel astray.
This time I'll go deeper, I have been here before and I didn't dare.
This time I'll go further.
Paralysed. Embraced by rotting chains, I want to run but I can't.
Trapped. The monsters will show their faces, one by one.
My monsters.
Who are you?
I come forward, have nothing to lose.
A shaking hand, evaporating.
Who are you?
I come even closer. Revolting stomach, sweating.
The face is looking back, eyes wide open, fragmented.
Blood rushing down to my feet.
And then I knew.
Just what I thought, a broken mirror.