El Teatro de los Miedos: Soledad


Camley Street Natural Park London N1C 4PW United Kingdom


El Teatro de los Miedos (LT. Theatre of Fear and Anxiety) is a performance collaboration between visual artist Fiorella Lavado and music performer Lucia Vivanco. The artists explore the emotions of anxiety caused by the emotional states that occur when a person is affected by different experiences.

At Camley Street Natural Park, we aim to tackle the fear of LONELINESS: Both performers, who normally sit together to work collaboratively, are set in distance. Regardless of the number of people that they are surrounded with, the artists intend to establish that the feeling of loneliness is not triggered by the physical situation of a person but of a state of mind.

The installation/performance tells a story in the form of a visual poem. Visitors are invited to unfold the story by tracking different objects and discovering the riddle of the tale.

The objects consist of woven stainless steel sculptures, phrases of a poem carved on wood, placed along the trail of the park. The trail itself is part of the narration.

The performance happened on the 20th of November 2010. The installation will stay until January 2011 as a record of what happened on the day: A story that remains behind like a memory.

The Story

Neglected by the love of their blood father and stepmother, two sisters get lost in an enchanted wood. They try to find their way home, but in the process take separate ways and consequently get lost on their own. What begins as a journey to return home transforms into their desperate search for one another. The discovery of hidden aspects of their own identity.

The younger sister intends to attract her older sister by playing the violin in a way that she believes would communicate her innermost feelings. The older one – more proactive – searches around for her sibling, leaving traces of her dreams, her thoughts and her own body parts which would tell the story of what happens within herself.

Music performance and story: Lucia Vivanco Sakuray
Artwork and poem (wood carvings): Fiorella Lavado

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